About Us

Mission Statement

“PestNetwork.com is devoted to gathering, organizing, and distributing educational information, resources, and materials which are available on the Internet for use by pest control professionals, private applicators involved in agriculture, schools and other organizations involved in IPM, and businesses or organizations involved in the food industry.”


Goals & Objectives

  • Provide a “Gateway” to the Pest Control Industry on the Internet by organizing educational materials and information available on the “Net” in a logical and useful format;
  • Provide a quality Web Site which truly offers solutions to the problems faced by today’s pest control professional;
  • Help to protect our environment and delicate ecosystem by providing access to the latest information on new or improved pesticides, formulations, and/or application techniques which provide effective control and are less harmful to the environment; and
  • Offer educational materials which are cost effective and provide quality training for the pest control professional.