TDA Regulations & Applicator Safety


I know what you are thinking: Laws and regulations are boring. Well, we are going to try and not make it boring. The regulations are how we are to operate under the TDA and what we can do and not do legally. It is important to follow the standards set up by TDA so we can accomplish the task at hand. Private, noncommercial and commercial applicators must comply with these rules. Some will be different because of the type of license issued. The following sections deal with many different aspects of the rules. These sections are taken directly from the TDA Regulations. I know some of you have never seen these or heard of some of these; that is why we decided to give them to you in a class format. This correspondence class will fulfill the laws and regulations requirement for your CEUs; remember, a private applicator needs 2 Laws and regulation CEUs and a noncommercial or commercial applicator needs 2 of 3 different specific courses. They are Laws and Regs., IPM or Drift. So lets get started!