State of Idaho Department of Agriculture

Classes will be available for 6 months after date of purchase. Upon completion of all classes, email for your final signed certificate.


For questions regarding Idaho recertification requirements contact:

Agricultural Program Manager

(208) 332-8609

Recertification is a program for all individuals who are certified as Private Applicators and Professional Applicators to insure they maintain competence and keep current with changing technology. The recertification period is simultaneous with the licensing period. All licenses have adequate space for recertification stickers and a signature line on the reverse side.

Private Applicators are required to obtain stickers totaling 6 credit hours during their licensing period. Professional Applicators are required to obtain stickers totaling 15 credit hours during the licensing period. The stickers are issued by the seminar sponsor after attending an accredited seminar. Additionally, all licensees are encouraged to maintain a list of the dates and locations of the recertification seminars they attended.

Forms for tracking credits are available through the Idaho State Department of Agriculture, Boise office. Sign-in sheets will also be provided at each of the seminars. Licensees are not required to sign the sheets, but are encouraged to do so. If a license is lost or destroyed during the licensing period, an individual may contact ISDA with the date and location of the seminar attended. The sign-in sheet will be checked and if attendance can be confirmed, credit will be given.

Companies or individuals desiring to sponsor an educational seminar must first submit a request for recertification credits to ISDA at least 30 days prior to the event. Seminar content will be reviewed and credits assigned. Approved seminar time of 60 minutes will be worth one recertification credit. A licensee may obtain all of the required recertification credits in the same year, instead of distributing the seminar credits over the two-year licensing period.

Extra recertification credits cannot be carried over into the next licensing period. In order to re-certify through examination, an individual must pass the appropriate ISDA recertification examinations with a score of seventy percent (70%) or higher.

Continuing Education

The following courses and appropriate continuing education points have been approved by the Idaho Department of Agriculture.

Each CEU is $15.00.