Pesticide Applicator Safety

Applicator safety should be a major concern to all of you — looking out for number 1. This course is devoted to your protection. We will review basic safety procedures in handling and applying pesticides, identify common mistakes and careless actions, and emphasize the importance of planning a complete safety program.

Pesticides are substances or mixtures of substances used to prevent, destroy, repel or reduce the intensity of pest populations. Pesticides can harm or kill non-target plants and animals including humans. A pesticide applicator may be at risk of harm if pesticides are not applied in a safe manner.

Pesticide applicators need to know what precautions should be taken with each application of pesticide. Applicators need to have a knowledge of how excessive exposure could take place and how that exposure can be prevented. They also need to be knowledgeable of safety precautions involving the transportation, storage and mixing of pesticides. Additional information on cleaning application equipment, personal protection equipment, pesticide spills and the disposal of pesticide containers is needed to carry out an effective safety program.

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