Managing Pesticide Drift

There is much concern about drift. We will try to give you some needed information in regards to the prevention of drift.

Drift is the movement of spray particles away from the target site and is a result of many factors. Movements through air may result in unintentional occurrences.

The goal of spray drift management is to control the off-site movement of crop protection products, primarily herbicides. The elimination of adverse affects due to spray drift is a realistic goal.

The drift of pesticides from the target site is a serious problem affecting pesticide application. All pesticide applicators must be concerned with this problem and seek to manage pesticide application in a manner so as to reduce drift while optimizing coverage to the target site.

This course will provide specific facts that will help pesticide applicators understand drift. The course will also provide information on the management of pesticide applications so as to improve pesticide deposition and coverage on the target site while minimizing drift.

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