Grasshoppers on Pastures and Greenland

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Since the beginning of recorded history, grasshoppers have been a menace to man.  On occasions plagues of grasshoppers have denuded large areas of land, causing famines that resulted in the death of millions of human beings.

Grasshoppers are the most important pests of rangeland and native pastures.  They are found in every part of the United States. Every year grasshopper populations, in some parts of the U.S. increase to the point of causing damage in the millions of dollars.

Ranchers and farmers can often reduce and even prevent economic losses from grasshopper infestations by:

  1. Properly identifying the species in question.
  2. By having a thorough knowledge of the development of grasshopper populations.
  3. By knowing the habits of grasshoppers.
  4. By making the proper control decisions.