State of Delaware Department of Agriculture

pesticide applicator license Delaware

Private applicators certification must be renewed every 3 years and requires 3 Continuing Education Credits for every 3 year period. Fifty minutes of class room instruction/training equals one re-certification hour if required content is pre-approved by the Delaware Department of Agriculture. Commercial applicators certification must be renewed every year and requires the following Continuing Education […]

State of Wyoming Department of Agriculture

Recertification Commercial licenses are only valid for the balance of the year in which the license was obtained plus 24 months and expire on January 31st. To re-certify in order to maintain your license from the Wyoming Dept. of Agriculture, the following requirements must be met: 24 hours of pesticide related courses or workshop credits […]

State of West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Recertification The laws of the state of West Virginia provide for the licensing of three (3) types of pesticide applicators. These are: COMMERCIAL APPLICATORS – apply pesticides for hire to the property of others CERTIFIED PUBLIC APPLICATORS – employees of local, state and federal government agencies PRIVATE APPLICATORS – agricultural producers who apply pesticides on […]

State of Washington Department of Agriculture

We are currently working with the State of Washington to bring you these courses. Please check back at a later time. Recertification The Washington State Department of Agriculture regulates the licensing and use of pesticides. The program included ten types of licenses. All individuals holding a valid pesticide license must be recertified every five years […]

State of Virginia Department of Agriculture

***NEW REQUIREMENT*** You must download this powerpoint document – Recertification Legal Update – and confirm you have read it upon completion of your courses from this site.  Once all your courses are complete, email: for verification. Recertification Legal Update Doc: Recertification The Virginia Department of Agriculture and consumer Services regulates the certification of […]

State of Tennessee Department of Agriculture

pesticide applicator license tennessee

Recertification The recertification requirements for Commercial Applicators in the State of Tennessee are as follows: -No more than 50% can be acquired from online training. -Point assignment is based on one (1) point* per hour of certification in related topics. You may not earn more than 75% of your total point requirement at any one […]

State of South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulation & Consumer Services: Structural Pest Control Division

pesticide applicator license south carolina

Recertification The laws of the state of the state of South Carolina, provides for the certification and licensing of three classes of pesticide applicators: COMMERCIAL APPLICATORS NON-COMMERCIAL APPLICATORS PRIVATE APPLICATORS LICENSING of Commercial and Non-Commercial Applicators is for a period of one year; from January 1 through December 31, and licenses must be renewed each […]

State of Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

pesticide applicator license pennsylvania

Recertification Pesticides are those substances, which control, kill, or mitigate pest organisms, and include, but not limited to, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and rodenticides. The following information briefly explains the need for certification and the process of becoming a certified pesticide applicator. Applicator certification can be divided into two groups: Commercial and Public Applicators Private Applicators […]