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Beetles That Attack Wood: Identifying Beetles That Will Reinfest 1 CEU
Beetles That Attack Wood: Identifying Beetles That Will Not Reinfest 1 CEU
The Eastern Subterranean Termite  1 CEU
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Its Role In Pesticide Application 1 CEU
Environmental Protection 1 CEU
Facets of IPM Field Crops 1 CEU
The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) 1 CEU
Grasshoppers on Pastures and Rangeland 1 CEU
The Greenbug 1 CEU
Identifying Cockroaches In and Around the Home  1 CEU
Insect Pests That Attack Cotton - The Boll Weevil 1 CEU
 Insect Pests That Attack Cotton - The Cotton Fleahopper  1 CEU
Know Your Cotton Plant 1 CEU
Life History and Habits of Carpenter Ants 1 CEU
Managing Pesticide Drift 1 CEU
Pesticide Applicator Safety 1 CEU
Pesticide Families 1 CEU
Principles of IPM in Field Crops 1 CEU
Principles of Pest Control on Lawns and Turf 1 CEU
Recognition and Control of Some Small Vertebrate Pests Small Mammals 1 CEU
Sucking Pests That Attack Ornamental Shrubs 1 CEU
Sorghum Midge 1 CEU

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