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The following courses are set up to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for Private Applicators, Noncommercial and Commercial Applicators online. The Texas Department of Agriculture requires the following for each type of applicator.

Private Applicators: These applicators must have a total of 15 CEUs within the 5 year cycle. You can only take a maximum of 10 CEU online courses and/or correspondence courses. You must obtain 5 CEUs from a live class in order to meet the TDA requirements to recertify. You need 2 Laws and Regulations CEUs and 2 IPM CEUs within the 5 year cycle. You may obtain more in each category, but you must have at least the minimum. At the end of each CEU course you will need to complete the questionnaire and send it to Pestnetwork.com in order to receive your credit.

Noncommercial and Commercial Applicators: These applicators must obtain 5 CEUs each year. Of the 5 CEUs required, at least one CEU must be from each of two (2) of the following three categories; Laws and Regulations, IPM or Drift. The remaining 3 CEUs may come from the above categories or from the general category. You must rotate online CEUs and/or correspondence courses with live instruction every other year. Online CEUs and/or correspondence courses one year, live classes the next year and so on each year. At the end of each CEU course you will need to complete the questionnaire and send it to PestNetwork.com in order to receive your credit.

The following courses and appropriate CEU credits have been approved by the Texas Department of Agriculture.



Drift Management


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To register for the online courses, click here for the Credit Card Registration (instant passwords) Before you register Please turn off spam detection, or allow "office@pestnetwork.com" to send you email, your passwords are in this email we send you after you register. We accept Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Checks. Once payment has been received, we will email or fax your list of passwords to enter the courses. These passwords will be good until the states' current year deadline. All classes must be completed in the current year registered in. After that a new registration will be required and a new fee charged. The courses may be printed out to study or studied on screen. When you have completed the study material, go to the "Test Questions for Credit". The test will consist of 10 randomly generated questions. PRINT this test out first, answer the questions on paper and fax or mail this back to PestNetwork.com. Once we receive ALL THE TEST FROM A REGISTRATION, the test will be reviewed, a Certificate will be issued and the licensing agency notified of your CEUs. We will maintain your records for the appropriate time frame.

We hope you enjoy the courses. We are hoping you will use the information in each course to assist you in making decisions about your pesticide applications. Please print the material and place it in a notebook for future reference. If you have any questions please e-mail us at webmaster@pestnetwork.com. There is a $10.00 processing fee for full refunds, partial refund fees are determined by the administration. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

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